Armenian Pianists Association

Non-Governmental Organization

The Armenian Pianists Association (NGO) creates a community of Armenian pianists from all over the world.

The organization’s main goal is to promote and develop the Armenian piano performing arts, Armenian pianists: Solo Performers, Accompanists, Ensemble Pianists, and Professors.

Armenian pianists from all over the world, with the help of the association and this network platform, can keep in touch and create new projects, thus promoting themselves and Armenian music.

Young Armenian pianists will be able to communicate with already professional pianists through the network platform and association. For current students and aspiring pianists, this is a great career opportunity.

The Armenian Pianists Association has several goals that are planned to be achieved in the near future:

Performance opportunities: Armenian Pianists Association (NGO) has agreements with well-known concert halls not only in Armenia but also abroad, which are partners of the organization. This can help Armenian pianists gain experience and recognition, as well as improve their professional and performing skills.
Exchange of experience: Armenian pianists may be able to communicate directly with other Armenian pianists.* This will provide an opportunity for the exchange of experience, mutually beneficial organization of concerts and other events between Armenian pianists in different countries, educational and professional pro-Armenian activities, and improvement of the professional sphere.
Educational resources: The Armenian Pianists Association (NGO) can offer pianists participation in educational programs such as master classes, lectures, seminars, webinars, and online courses from Armenian pianists living abroad, which will help improve their playing skills and discover new repertoire, development of professional and performing skills and other types of musical and performing activities.
Career development support: Armenian young pianists and students can receive guidance and support from experienced professional pianists in career development, including professional marketing strategies.
Festivals and competitions: The Armenian Pianists Association (NGO) will organize festivals and competitions both in the Republic of Armenia and abroad, in which pianists can participate without any age restrictions. Both RA citizens and foreign citizens can participate in festivals and competitions.
Exclusive Recordings: The Armenian Pianists Association (NGO) plans to influence the popularization of Armenian piano music abroad. There is already an agreement to record not only well-known and professional Armenian pianists, but also excellent students who have the motivation and quality to record already-known or new works by Armenian composers, contemporary piano music, or world-famous piano music.
The Armenian Pianists Association (NGO) is founded by the German-based Armenian pianist Armen-Levon Manaseryan, on April 4, 2023.
* All contact information on the website of living Armenian pianists is provided by them personally.

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